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─ スリランカでの実践から ─

Wisdom of Nature and Human Wisdom

─ From the practice in Sri Lanka ─









At the occasion of Geetha Rodrigo Karandawala, the director of Berberin Ayurveda Resort known as one of the pioneers of Ayurveda health resorts and Dr. Pushpa Rajakaruna ‘s visit to Japan, we will hold the special lecture at Gallery Satsu

As a moderator, Architect Toshiya Ochiai (Forest and Environmental Architecture Research Institute) who continues to explore the relationship between nature and human from the forest medicine point of view will participate.

Berberin Ayurveda Resort implemented a traditional medical treatment originated in India and Sri Lanka. It deeply ties the relationship between wisdom and people in thousand years of history and coexists with nature by building a place for well-being through a comprehensive approach from architecture, environment and art.

For us living a life separated from nature and being urbanized, to reunite with nature (the universe), and to release the body to the rhythms of the universe, nature and the forest creature is very important to keep our mind and body in a healthy condition.

Through the practice in the event, we would like to think together about the way of humanity on the earth and human behaviors affecting the world.

Photograph by Miki Tokairin

開催日: 2019年5月17日(金) 終了しました

時 間: 18:30〜21:00(軽食・交流会を含む)
参加費: 8,000円 (税別)
定 員: 20名
場 所: ギャラリー册(東京・千鳥ヶ淵)アクセスはこちら

ゲスト: ギーサ・ロドリゴ・カワンダワラ氏、プシュパ・ラジャカルナ氏(バーベリン・アーユルヴェーダ・リゾート)、落合俊也氏(森林・環境建築研究所)


Date:  May 17 (Friday)
Time:  18:30 to 21:00 (including the reception with light meal)
Fee:  ¥8,000 (tax will be added)
Capacity:  20 people
Venue:  Gallery Satsu (Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo) 

Guest:  Geetha Rodrigo Karandawala, Pushpa Rajakaruna, Toshiya Ochiai (Forest and Environmental Architecture Research Institute)

The lecture is in English. There will be no translator.


※Please note that cancellation cannot be made after the payment, but to donate admission to others is possible. Please contact Gallery Satsu in case you would like to give the admission to others. 


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